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This page is going to be under continuous construction as we build our resources and collections. Your patience is appreciated, and we are working to get our sh!t together for the online store!
As a young child, Mr. Sterling (our founder) read the dictionary at age five, and was enrolled in "academically gifted" educational programs at his Wilmington, N.C. elementary and junior high schools. He remained in those programs throughout his formative years. His ensuing decades were filled with explorations of science, human anatomy and behavior, mythology and various arcane religious studies, as well as the occasional (read: FREQUENT) wrestling match with the Green Fairy (which his brother Matt turned him onto one swank Los Angeles evening, amdist the porn stars, Hunter S. Thompson re-enactments and electric flyswatters of that particular affair). More recently, Mr. Sterling worked in the adult entertainment business and amassed a strange and ever growing collection of uniquities from his travels around this big blue marble we call home. Collecting eventually became an overflowing obsession. What to do, what to do...throw it all out and end this lunacy, or start a business?


After transacting with both Loved To Death in San Francisco and Obscura in New York, Rod Sterling (note the "t", unlike the creator of the Twilight Zone) saw a need to fill the niche for the obscure in NC. It was with the desire to fill this void -and the kind permission of one Marshall Stewart III, a.k.a. "The Head Flea"- that the Little Leviathan came into being one early November weekend in 2012 at the Historic Raleigh Fairgrounds.

We retail the spectrum of peculiar in both Leviathan locations, from bug marbles (a hit with kids of all ages), the works of authors like Lovecraft and Poe, movie props, kinetic jewelry and laser cut switchwork, brain stimulating toys and the like, on to high end works from elite international artisans like Tom Kuebler ( We carry crafts from local talent too, all with an eye-popping array of the unusual, fun, and downright weird in between!

Our Leviathan family is always friendly and there answer your questions. Feel free to come browse, buy, or just soak it all in! You may just find yourself becoming a part of conversations with Masons, embalmers, professors, artists, screwballs, and collectors of oddities of all sorts.

We take the time to listen to each customer's interests intently, and try to provide that needful thing that completes -or starts- your collection. In addition to our two-store inventory, we enjoy finding that special treasure for you by combing the interwebs and back alleys to bring the previously esoteric to light, all within your budget.

You are encouraged to take an hour and spend time in both stores, as they are less than a half mile apart and offer inventory unique to the area. Having just recently entered our second year of business, we are enjoying reasonable success both in the Triangle and on Facebook, where we are being recognized in exponentially increasing numbers. We are eager to meet you!  

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